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# Community

Foster engagement through chat-based Q&As, discussion, and feedback. We also support LMS integration.

# Learning Management

From live and recorded classes to quizzes and assignments, we have everything!

# Data & AI

We use AI to make learning more efficient based on data we have gathered and analyzed.

Over 6,000 institutions in more than 32 countries rely on CLASSUM for their education

# Corporate training
# Branch/partner training
# Customer training/community
# AI assistant
# Learning organization
# Knowledge management
# University
# K-12
# Online learning
# Community
# Private tutoring
# Onboarding
# Conference
# Mentoring

Tired of too many scattered announcements?

Lack of participation is frustrating

I’m exhausted with time-
consuming and repetitive work

Unorganized data creates extra work

AI? It is overwhelming

A specialized communication
platform for learning

What you need, when you need it

Impact 1

Increase engagement

Improve satisfaction

Students quickly picked up how to use CLASSUM. Passive and introverted students in particular began participating more.

Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco

June Lee

Impact 2

Easy management

Increase work efficiency

Without CLASSUM’s read/unread status feature, I wouldn’t have been able to keep track of which students were reading my announcements. CLASSUM made it easier to make sure all students were on the same page.

Assistant Professor, California State University

Ted Kim

Impact 3

Detailed Data & AI Analysis

Gain insights

It was nice to check student participation at a glance. CLASSUM allowed me to use student participation as valuable data for teaching rather than simply data for grades.

Assistant Professor, California State University

Myung Shin

Personalize your learning space

Brand Identity

Manage your own settings such
as logo, institution, role, etc.

Feature Customization

Build your dream space based on
your needs

System Integration

Use SSO or API integration

From video calls to the Metaverse, use CLASSUM as a hub for all learning

Integrate with CLASSUM in a second. As an official partner, CLASSUM provides easy access and exclusive discounts to the best learning tools.

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